Planning a Disney World Vacation: Part 2


Why Disney??

You know, I see it.  The looks in people’s eyes when I get all excited and geeked out over going to Disney World.  That “I wouldn’t be caught dead spending all day in a hot crowded park just to see a mouse!” look.  Forget those people.  They will never understand.  🙂  But, if you’ve ever thought about going, ask your friends who have been.  I’ll bet they’ll tell you to go for it!  


Here are my top reasons why:  

    • It’s magical!  It really is!  We’ve done several types of vacations over the years from cruises, other theme parks, etc.  Disney does it best.  From the theming (and cleanliness!) of the parks, to the “cast members” that help create extra magic, to the characters that make your childhood come alive!   🙂
    • It’s not just for kids.  People of all ages can find fun and amazing things to do, see and eat.  It’s perfect for pleasing everyone in the family, and especially for intergenerational trips.  We mostly travel with my Mom, so planning for 3 generations has it’s things to consider.  
    • It’s addicting! After returning from a second cruise recently and talking about planning a trip to Hawaii, my 10 year old said the next trip she wanted to take was “back to Disney World”.  It’s been 3 years and she can’t wait to go back! People who love Disney will tell you, it’s addicting and you’ll want to return again as soon as you get home!
    • It’s warm!  We’re from Minnesota… It’s something you always consider when planning a vacation! 😉
    • It’s easy! I know that sounds contradictory after talking about needing to plan, but this is exactly why you plan ahead, so you can have nothing but fun when you get there!  If you choose to stay in a Disney Resort, and even choose a dining plan, your whole vacation is practically covered.  You get a free ride from the airport, free transportation to the parks, two meals a day at almost any restaurant on the entire property (included with the dining plan)… EASY!
    • Rides! Food! Shows! Characters! = FUN!!

Lucy Loves Mickey!!!

In case you’re like my sister and are confused about all of the stuff in Orlando and which ones are Disney and which are not, here’s a primer.  Disney World Resort includes 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), Disney Springs (Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment area), 27 resort hotels, 4 golf courses, ESPN Wide World of Sports… and much more!!

It does not include: Universal Orlando Resort (Harry Potter stuff, etc), Sea World, Discovery Cove (Dolphin Swimming!) etc.  🙂

If you are thinking about planning a fabulous Disney Vacation, then stay tuned.  In the next posts I’ll be talking about the following things to think about:

  • When to go, for how long, and when to book
  • Where to stay (on property vs. off…)
  • What to do while you’re there
  • To dine or not to dine…
  • Details, details, details!!

Oh!  And also, “Tell the kids? Or SURPRISE them!!!”  I have decided to surprise the kids this time!  (So, if you know my kids- Don’t spill the beans!!)





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