A fun pool party!

My daughter Lucy turned 10 (10!!!!) in April.  Since we live in MN, there’s no way to have a pool party in the sun unless we wait until, oh, mid-June?  🙂 So we had it in a nearby hotel with a cute little courtyard pool with a waterslide and play area.


Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn and Suites, Lakeville

The hotel only offered parties on Sunday afternoons for 2 hour blocks of time.  This meant I didn’t have to do much planning as far as activities.  Time to swim, time to eat some cupcakes, time to open presents and we were done!

Since my daughter is my daughter… she used Pinterest to find ideas that she wanted to incorporate into her party.  You can see the board she and I created HERE! 🙂

We ended up sending invites from Shutterfly using a coupon for 10 free cards.  (Score!) Most of the decorations came from the summer line that recently came out in the Target bargain bin section.  We picked up some cute buckets, bins, towels (more on these below), straws and decorations.

Lucy’s ideas included labeling candies with cute pool-related names (gumballs = beach balls, rainbow licorice = pool noodles and gummi lifesavers = floaties), Cute sand buckets with Fish-n-Chips (goldfish and potato chips!), Ocean Water for a treat (Recipe here) and delicious caramel cupcakes.  (I found some SUPER CUTE pool cakes that I wanted to make, but my Lu prefers yummy cupcakes over fancy decorated cakes.  Super sad face…)


The rest of the decorations all came from free printables!  Seriously!

Thank you tags and cupcake picks can be found here are no longer available… sorry!; Customizable, printable banner here and super cute photo booth cutouts here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photo props were super cute!

The other fun thing we did was give each girl a towel with her name embroidered on it as a take-home gift.  My awesome mother-in-law has an embroidery machine, and when we asked her about the idea she agreed right away! (She may or may not have had second thoughts when she knew how many girls were invited… HA!)


I call this one a success! 🙂


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