A Fun and Festive Grad Cake! (with bonus yummy cupcakes!)

Recently I was asked by a family at church to make a cake and/or cupcakes for a high school graduation party.  The grad sent me a fun Pinterest board with ideas of yummy cupcakes and fun cakes that she liked.  We went with a small cake AND cupcakes! 🙂

For the cupcakes, she decided on her two favorite flavors.  Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and key lime pie cupcakes. We did half of the carrot cupcakes with a ring of pecan pieces, and those went fast!  For the key lime pie cupcakes I made graham cracker cupcakes (so yummy, and make a great base for s’more cupcakes too!), filled the cupcakes with a lime, cream cheese filling and topped with a key lime buttercream. Delicious!


For the cake, she liked a fun wedding cake on Pinterest that was covered in those teeny, tiny colored balls. They’re not sprinkles, but that’s how they are labeled.  The inspiration cake looked like this:


Photo by Kaysha Weiner.  Found here: ruffledblog.com

Isn’t that fun! So adorable!  (And so many sprinkles!!!)  I had remembered seeing a tutorial on how to cover the cake this way before, and a little googling led me to an awesome step-by-step tutorial here: http://cakesdecor.com/entries/259  It was so helpful!

We decided to do one tier, with a grad cap on top.  I made the cap from gum paste and added her name and the year to personalize it. We used her actual tassel too! I think it turned out great!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Full disclosure: When you cut that cake, those little balls will go everywhere! 🙂 HAHAHA!!


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