Planning a Disney World Vacation: Part 4

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When to book and how long should we go??

(I decided not to break this section down, as everyone needs to decide these two things and there isn’t too much to think about)

When should you book your trip?  Well, if you have the money set aside… what are you waiting for??  🙂  Just kidding!  But, you should know that there are benefits to booking a Disney trip far in advance.

If this is your dream trip and you want to do the best character meals or the most popular restaurants while you are there, then you need to book your trip more than 180 days in advance.  Disney opens up dining reservations 180 days prior to the first date of your trip.  If you’re looking for hard to get reservations, you’ll need to be online when they open up.  (Click here for more info on how to do that). Otherwise, if you are inside that 180 day window, but you still want to do some sit-down dining, you will be fine.  Just be flexible with restaurant options and times and you can find plenty of awesome choices a few months out.

If you are planning on staying onsite, you should book AT LEAST 60 days ahead of your trip.  This way you are booked and ready to go when Fastpasses for your trip are available.  (More on those later!)  If you’re staying offsite, your FastPass window opens up 30 days ahead of your trip.  

If you’re winging it, just make sure you’re not showing up during one of the busiest times of the year! 🙂


When we first decided to go to disney World in 2013, I looked into the other Orlando attractions as well (There are SO MANY!!!!), but as I’ve mentioned before… it became clear to me early on in the planning, if we really wanted to experience Disney, we should spend the whole week there.  This time is no different.  In fact, we’re adding an extra day!  Ultimately, this question has to do with many factors: Budget, vacation time, age of kids (and adults) that are going, what time of year, what do you want to accomplish… the list goes on.  I would say, if you are taking a trip solely to go to Disney, you should do a 4 full day minimum.  That way you don’t have to skip any of the 4 main parks.  You can find all kinds of info on how to squeeze everything into a shorter amount of time, but I don’t like to be too rushed and feel like I missed out on a lot of things after my vacation is over.  I’d say 6-8 days is ideal, and after that, the more days the merrier, right?  There is no way you will run out of things to do, so stay as long as you can!

BUDGET: I do have to say, if value is a priority, the more days you stay, the cheaper the ticket price is to go to the parks.  For example, a 1-day pass to Magic Kingdom is $105!  But, the more days you add, the cheaper it gets.  By the time you get to 10 days, it averages out to $40/day.  

Here are a few comparisons for you as far as cost and length of trip:

For a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids under 10) staying at a moderate resort in February 2017-

4 nights (Fri-Tues) in Standard View Room with 5 day base tickets to WDW = $2302

5 nights (Fri-Wed) in Standard View Room with 6 day base tickets to WDW = $2607

6 nights (Fri-Thurs) in Standard View Room with 7 day base tickets to WDW = $2889

7 nights (Fri- Fri) in Standard View Room with 8 day base tickets to WDW = $3208

Depending on the day, it’s about $200-$300 per night to add a day/night on to your trip.  This includes a weekend and is at a mid-level priced resort.  You can get cheaper prices by going Sun- Friday, for example, or choosing a Value resort.

If you’re thinking of staying off site, purchasing tickets alone for a family of 4 (2 Adults, 2 kids under 10) would be $1320 for 5 day tickets (1 park per day) up to $1480 for 8 day tickets (1 park for day).  Remember to calculate hotel, transportation and parking in your cost comparison if you’re looking into off-site options.

Other things to think about:

  • How old are your kids?  If you are traveling to Disney with a 1 and a 3 year old, you probably aren’t going to go and trek through a park everyday for 10 days!  If you have older kids, they sometimes enjoy afternoons at the pool as much as days at the park, so make you build in days for that!  If your kids are teens, then most of the rides they’ll want to ride will have the longest lines… be prepared!
  • How often do you go on vacation?  When we do family trips to Wisconsin Dells with my Brother-in-law, he always wanted to stay at least 6 nights because it took him a few days to get into “vacation mode” so he wanted to go long enough to enjoy it.  If you take lots of short trips, then maybe you’ll try out Disney for a few short days and then go again in the next year or so.
  • What do you want to do there?  If one kid is princess obsessed while the other is an adrenaline junkie, you’ll want to do some meet and greets with characters and thrill rides.  Those all take time.  Are you a foodie and you want to try all the new restaurants in Disney Springs?  Do you kids LOVE waterparks so you HAVE to take a day to go to a Disney water park?  Make sure you have a general idea of what you want to do before making a general plan.

The general rule of thumb is at least 1 day per park, but you could easily spend 2 days in both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, 1 day in Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom as well as time at waterparks, Disney Springs, and even a day playing and checking out your resort!

This trip we are planning for 2 days in MK, 3 partial days in EPCOT, 1 day in AK and HS and time to chill at hotels or do some extra time on our favorite rides in each park.  We do lots of planning, but keep it flexible to fit our current moods, how we’re handling the heat of Florida in August, etc.

No matter how long you plan to stay, make sure you go with realistic expectations and have an overall daily plan.

Up Next: Staying onsite vs. offsite!



A Fun and Festive Grad Cake! (with bonus yummy cupcakes!)

Recently I was asked by a family at church to make a cake and/or cupcakes for a high school graduation party.  The grad sent me a fun Pinterest board with ideas of yummy cupcakes and fun cakes that she liked.  We went with a small cake AND cupcakes! 🙂

For the cupcakes, she decided on her two favorite flavors.  Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and key lime pie cupcakes. We did half of the carrot cupcakes with a ring of pecan pieces, and those went fast!  For the key lime pie cupcakes I made graham cracker cupcakes (so yummy, and make a great base for s’more cupcakes too!), filled the cupcakes with a lime, cream cheese filling and topped with a key lime buttercream. Delicious!


For the cake, she liked a fun wedding cake on Pinterest that was covered in those teeny, tiny colored balls. They’re not sprinkles, but that’s how they are labeled.  The inspiration cake looked like this:


Photo by Kaysha Weiner.  Found here:

Isn’t that fun! So adorable!  (And so many sprinkles!!!)  I had remembered seeing a tutorial on how to cover the cake this way before, and a little googling led me to an awesome step-by-step tutorial here:  It was so helpful!

We decided to do one tier, with a grad cap on top.  I made the cap from gum paste and added her name and the year to personalize it. We used her actual tassel too! I think it turned out great!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Full disclosure: When you cut that cake, those little balls will go everywhere! 🙂 HAHAHA!!

A fun pool party!

My daughter Lucy turned 10 (10!!!!) in April.  Since we live in MN, there’s no way to have a pool party in the sun unless we wait until, oh, mid-June?  🙂 So we had it in a nearby hotel with a cute little courtyard pool with a waterslide and play area.


Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn and Suites, Lakeville

The hotel only offered parties on Sunday afternoons for 2 hour blocks of time.  This meant I didn’t have to do much planning as far as activities.  Time to swim, time to eat some cupcakes, time to open presents and we were done! Continue reading

Planning a Disney World Vacation: Part 3

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OK.  Now we’re getting into the actual planning process.  This goes beyond dreaming and into the “Hey, I’m thinking of going for it” phase!  So, where to begin??


There are several things to think about when planning for a trip to Disney World.  

  • When do I have vacation?
  • When are the kids out of school? OR do I take them out of school for Disney?
  • When is it busy, less crowded, or outright insane at Disney?
  • When are special deals offered? Are certain times more expensive than others?

Continue reading

Planning a Disney World Vacation: Part 2


Why Disney??

You know, I see it.  The looks in people’s eyes when I get all excited and geeked out over going to Disney World.  That “I wouldn’t be caught dead spending all day in a hot crowded park just to see a mouse!” look.  Forget those people.  They will never understand.  🙂  But, if you’ve ever thought about going, ask your friends who have been.  I’ll bet they’ll tell you to go for it!  


Here are my top reasons why:   Continue reading

Planning a Disney World Vacation!

As you may have heard, showing up to Disney World with no planning and “flying by the seat of your pants” is not the best strategy.  In fact I know someone who went to Magic Kingdom on New Year’s Day and rode a grand total of 2 rides.  2!! RIDES!!!!  


This year we get to take a trip to Disney World resort in Orlando Florida!  WHOO-HOO! You may not know this about me, since I’m just getting started here, but I LOVE planning.  Parties, trips, Yay!  I had a BLAST planning our last Disney trip and learned so much that I became a resource for my friends when they planned their trips.  (My Disney Binder was legendary around town!)  Things at DW are constantly changing and the last time we went was three years ago, so OF COURSE I’ll need to do more research for our trip this summer! 🙂  Thinking about a trip to Disney?  Come along!  I’ll take you through the stages of planning, things to think about, what not to do, where to go for information and why (at least a little) planning is so important! Continue reading

Welcome to my blog!

Hey!  I have no idea how to start off here.  🙂  I’m choosing to start a blog so I can talk about the things I love to do: plan awesome and fun vacations and parties, bake yummy cakes and cupcakes and create other beautiful things.  You like these things too?  Awesome.  We can be besties!

I plan to start by doing a series on planning for a Disney World trip we are taking at the end of the summer!  Planning for a trip to Disney is essential and I’ll give you all the info on how I do it and where to find the best resources on the internet and beyond.

I’ll also add in some fun parties that we’ve done and some fun cakes and cupcakes I’ve made.  Maybe some crafty stuff too.  So, join in and ask questions, tell me how fun my parties look and delicious my cakes look and maybe I’ll share the last bite with you.  🙂